Or bad, depends on who is asking or on  what is someone doing. Lytro light field camera can capture a 4D pictures. Which means, means, the time will be no longer a secret. If I have the chance to capture the right scene, I could see some dinosaurs after I downloaded and I began to shift perspective. Or maybe I’ll see my self in a few or a more years. Exciting? Creepy? Who knows? Although this comment is a little bit ironic. who knows? There is a somehow plausible explanation. Light field camera sensor supposedly captures the light rays  in an immense number of position, including time. There was a myth or superstition in some culture that said the photography could steal the subject soul. Maybe it was not a superstition after all.

Anyway, it is interesting and funny to play with the pictures from their website.

Yes, you do and I do too. While we are growing up we remember fewer about our past years and when you are 20 it looks like a century from when you were 5. But… when you are 75, it looks like yesterday you were 15. It is a natural thing to close the circle of life. Yet, Alzheimer’s can make this natural process to get worse and a person could become caught in the past. There are some ways to prevent this, one I like in particularly is sleep. Btw: when you grow older, you sleep less, and less, and less. It’s weird because the babies sleep a lot and it could expect to sleep more at the old ages. Anyway, doesn’t hurt to try these methods, some of them are fun: Alzheimer’s: 9 ways to lower its risk and progression

Is Theory of Relativity wrong? Breaking light speed. The nosy neutrinos surpassed the speed limit with a little percent. This might mean time travel is indeed possible,  and I could go back in time and correct my mistakes. Exciting thought, but… Someone else could do the same… and reverse my mistakes back where they were. However, the rules in micro-universe seem to be different from those in macro-universe, and I stand between them, so no need to worry… yet.

Tyler, the Creator, Odd Future leader, received Best New Artist at VMA 2011. I cannot say I am his fan. In fact I don’t understand this kind of music. But his speech was interesting.

Do I have to burn to express my self? Maybe I have to.

Burning Man 2011 starts tomorrow in the Black Rock Desert.

Generally, Ira Levin just tells the story without making any judgements regarding the basic state of the human race, but in this novel he talks about absolute control over the human emotions and desires. This Perfect Day is a sci-fi novel published in 1970.

At World Championships in Athletics,  the American Samoan sprinter, Sogelau Tuvalu, finished last with a time of 15.66 seconds, being 6 seconds slower than winner Mohammad Noor Imran A Hadi from Malaysia.

Condoleezza Rice will publish a new autobiography this fall (November). It is about politics this time. I don’t why I have the impression no politician will ever tell the truth even he/she wants to do that.

How and why scientists named hurricanes?

and how something named Irene (meaning peace, the Greak goddess of Peace) can do something like this:

Hurricane Irene: 10 deaths and millions of power outages.

George Enescu Festival 2011 seems to be a symphony of genres and best musicians. The past (many famous classical composers will be rendered), the present (the Residentie Orkest and Christian Badea, the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra with Midori and many others) and the future (Romanian emerging composers) are mixing in this over three week lasting event.